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How and where buy Nexus One

You can purchase the Google Phone "Nexus One" directly in the web store of Google here:

The price of Nexus One: 529 dollars unlocked and 179 $ with T-Mobile USA service.

For the moment you can buy Nexus One Google phone if you are a consumer in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In Europe the Google phone will be sell with Vodafone.

Nexus One Google Phone video

The official video of Google Phone "Nexus One":

Nexus One Google Phone

5 january 2010 - Today is the day of "Nexus One" the first "Google Phone". You can see the first image here:
nexusone google phone

You can buy Goole Phone Nexus One starting January 5th 2010

The first "Google Phone" named Nexus One will be on sale directly by Google starting from January 5th 2010. It's possible that the price of Google Phone will be 530 $ (unlocked) and 179 $ with a T-Mobile contract for 24 months.

Stay tuned ! The Nexus One is almost here.

Nexus One Google Phone image

nexus one google phone
Probably this is the first image of the Google Phone named "Nexus One". The Google Phone will be on sale January 5th 2010.


Gphone price

Update: 22.10.08

The first Google Phone will launch by T-Mobile at the price of 179$.The price of gphone G1 for the moment is valid only for US market. For UK market the cost of Google Phone G1 could be similar.


Low-cost Google phone. At this moment we don't know the real price of Gphone, but it seems that Google wants to sell its smartphone at 100 $ (73 eur - 50 pounds). Very Cheap smartphone.

Google Phone Features

gphone, google phone
Probably HTC will be manufacturing the Google Phone. Gphone features list :

- Google maps, Gmail, calendar, ect
- Gps powered
- Run on Linux
- Camera ?
- Youtube ?
- Wi-fi network ?
- Video ?
- Mp3 ? Memory ? How many GB ?